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Behind The Lens

Hello, thank you for visiting my website! 

My name is Charlotte.

I have always had a passion for photography and capturing beautiful memories!

My love for photography and videography began in 2009 when I was on holiday visiting family and friends and captured a mesmerising sunset in New York City, New Rochelle (picture at the bottom of this page). It was an inspiration to continue being behind the lens and capturing memories, wherever that may be.


I began studying Creative Media throughout school and college. I decided to broaden my journey to get a deeper understanding of cameras and the meaning to be behind the lens which then lead to me to complete my degree in BSC Film Production Technology. 

Photography, Videography and Editing is such a strong passion of mine. After I finished my degree I wanted to pursue doing what I love and I am excited to continue this journey. 



   If you would like to enquire, head over to the contact page! 

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